Tall ships, blue seas, and Poldark. That’s Charlestown from the outside; that’s the postcard version, if you will. But what’s it like for someone actually living there? How do Charlestown residents go about their daily lives, and what can someone looking to up sticks and move down here expect?

That’s what we’re here to answer, because there really is no-one better placed to provide an insight into the Cornish lifestyle than Stephens and Stephens.

We’re firm believers that insider knowledge is invaluable when it comes to relocating, so allow us to pass some of that onto you. By finding out exactly what makes Charlestown so special for its residents, you’ll be able to decide whether this popular spot is the one for you.

Spoiler alert, we think it probably will be…


The setting

An image of the Charlestown harbour

Just in case you haven’t already taken a stroll down to the port on Google Maps, or taken advantage of the many Cornish tourist websites out there to take a peep at some of the imagery, we’ll attempt to do it justice here.

Charlestown was first constructed in the late eighteenth century, with a number of contemporary Georgian properties springing up over the subsequent decades. Much of that periodic charm is still absolutely intact; the port today is almost identical to how it looked some 200 years ago. A stunning fleet of rigged ships also calls this place home, with at least one of them on view in the harbour at all times.

Living in this kind of setting does not grow old either. You may become accustomed to certain surroundings but there’s no way you’ll get tired of the Charlestown scenery. WIth nearby features such as Restormel Castle and the Polruan Blockhouse, you’ll always be close to something that can help shake things up a bit.


Sampling the Hollywood life

Image of a Charlestown tall ship in the harbour

Many people have flocked to Charlestown over the past few years thanks to the soaring popularity of the BBC’s Poldark, but that’s not the only big-name production to have been set against this stunning backdrop.

Dr Who, Alice in Wonderland, and The Eagle Has Landed have all made use of the picturesque Charlestown setting. There’s no doubt as to why, either, with the village undoubtedly one of the country’s most attractive spots. Visitors and residents alike can soak up the movie-style settings and, if they’re so inclined, head out for a spot of star stalking.

Regardless of whether getting a glimpse of the headliners is for you, though, there is an undeniable energy in this village. Much of that is undoubtedly down to its popularity and increasing reputation as a fictional setting – just look at the Croatian tourism figures following Game of Thrones!


The local community

Stephens and Stephens Developers The Nest Charlestown Harbour Cornwall banner 2000x1350

As is the case all over Cornwall, the community in Charlestown is an especially intimate one. Getting used to knowing everyone is a must if you’re going to enjoy your time down here, with fifteen conversations with different people in a single dog walk not unheard of.

Seasonal trends come and go, but when the summer buzz has died down you’ll still be able to rely on your trusty Charlestown locals. Those in the know really talk up the winter months; the atmosphere during the quieter times is truly special, and there’s the added bonus of the sea air to keep everyone relaxed and mentally sharp.


…and One for the Foodies

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Image Credit: Pollocks Pub Co Ltd.

Charlestown has rightly built up a reputation over the years as the go-to destination for anyone who appreciates a top-quality restaurant. Currently the place to be at the weekends for Cornish residents during the summer months, the village’s pop-up coffee shops, restaurants, and bars around the harbour provide incentives for visitors from all over the county.

The rising reputation of Charlestown as Cornwall’s food capital has given confidence to entrepreneurs of all persuasions to delve into the restaurant/ bar market. That means plenty of options, and a seriously high quality of delivery (if you’ll pardon the expression).


Our Charlestown developments

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Our latest – at the time of writing – development is situated in Charlestown. ‘The Nest’ offers a unique blend between contemporary living and traditional Cornish lifestyle.

Interested in learning more about our developments? Contact the Stephens and Stephens team today, either via our online contact form or by calling 01872 264775.