Absolute specialises in providing a stunning, first-class interior design service. As the sister company of Stephens and Stephens and an award-winning agency in their own right, Absolute can help you put the finishing touches to your dream property.

With Helen Stephens as creative director, they are perfectly placed to take the Cornish lifestyle that so defines us here at Stephens and Stephens and apply it to their interior design service, and your new property.

Stunning Interior Design

They combine form, function and beauty to creatively design spaces that will enhance your new property. They’re ambitious with their designs, and experienced in delivering on projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out their website now for examples of their work and to learn more about their award-winning business. If you’re interested in using Absolute for the interiors on your new Stephens and Stephens property then be sure to get in touch and request more information about the interior design fit out process.

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