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Truro, Cornwall
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There’s a reason why, in the days of old in 1845, Truro’s four times Mayor selected a hidden gem of a spot, essentially ‘off grid’ at the time, but the perfect place for a grand Manor house, with all the feel of a country estate, but easily walkable to the centre of one of the UK’s most compact cities. Fast-forward to the 21st century and the surroundings remain as beguiling, and as ‘hidden’ as they always were, except now they play host to a unique boutique city living concept.

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The Hideaway constitutes a rare and special opportunity: beautiful, stylish, high-end apartments in a uniquely secluded city centre setting. Somewhere you may not even know existed, somewhere close to the heart of Truro, somewhere which once epitomised authentic, Victorian Gothic beauty, all brought back to life in the form of 14 gorgeous, brand new apartments. Designed, developed and finished by experienced and award-winning local developers and designers, The Hideaway occupies the same ground as Tremorvah House, originally built as a grand home for a four-times Mayor in 1845.  



Cornwall’s Lifestyle Living City

Truro could easily be considered as one of the best lifestyle living cities in the country, given its beautiful setting on the water, small, market town feel ‘city centre’, buzzy designer boutiques and bars and constant trains connecting straight into Paddington.  Yet, it’s no more than a fifteen minute drive to the enigmatic cliff edge of the country, deep wooded countryside or the most stunning of winding waterways that meander out to connect to the rest of the world via the enigmatic ocean.  Hideaway with a new kind of calming, private city living, encapsulated in a natural setting, with all of life’s simple treasures, there for your taking.

Absolutely Turnkey Designer Interiors

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As an investment, a full- or a part-time home, it’s a perfect coming-together of three key elements: a fabulous location, a striking, high-quality build and interiors properly thought through and executed by an award-winning design team.

Completed 2018

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