Riverside villages always have a certain charm to them, and Malpas is no different. Except, it kind of is…

Malpas’ size and proximity to the water are both remarkable. With several homes’ front gardens comprising the Truro river, this location is as intimate as they come. It’s almost impossible in Malpas to be any further than a stone’s throw – and we mean that quite literally – from the water, meaning that the ‘blue mind’ benefits are in full play here.

The Truro river is Cornish countryside at its very best. It may not be the beach, but there is so much more to this part of the world than sand and surfing. Lush greenery and traditional stone walls combine to create a resounding British feel in Malpas, with patchwork fields and flowing water as far as the eye can see.

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Sitting on the confluence of the Truro river and the Tresillian river, everything in Malpas happens with a stunning backdrop. Under two miles from Truro itself, Malpas’ relative solitude is never a drawback. With Truro offering an array of attractions, from its enviable selection of dining options to its rich cultural and architectural heritage, you’re never far from one of the highlights of the whole county.

In fact, Malpas sits almost dead in the middle of Cornwall. With Looe and Sennen just about equidistant from the village, residents have great access to pretty much every part of the county.