Stunning stone buildings and a rich Cornish Heritage

If you’re looking for Cornish heritage, look no further than Grampound.

A village in Cornwall, Grampound is located at an ancient crossing point on the Fal river. It sits on the A390 road, six miles west of St. Austell and eight miles east of Truro.

Grampound may not be as renowned as some of its neighbouring spots (the two aforementioned both serving as excellent examples), but that’s only because it’s been successfully kept secret. Set in the rolling hills of Cornwall’s countryside, Grampound boasts a picturesque high street lined with fittingly stunning stone buildings.


The village’s name comes from the original one given by the Normans – Grand Pont – to the bridge that sits in the middle of the settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the bridge was an absolute necessity to make crossing what was once a free-flowing river possible. St. Nun, the historic church, was built in the 14th century and later significantly reconstructed. Still, a small part of that ancient building remains today.

Choosing Grampound for one of our developments was easy; it is easily one of Cornwall’s most historic villages, and offers the perfect blend of in-land rural living and proximity to what the county is most often associated with. Whether you prefer a day on the beach or a few hours’ trekking, Grampound has everything you could want and more.

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